Dar Tozeur

la médina El Hawadef Tozeur 2200
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Dar Tozeur Hotel Certified by Cosy Places by Charme & Caractère

Located in the heart of southern Tunisia, Dar Tozeur Hotel stands out as a rare gem in the world of luxury. This unique establishment is part of the prestigious Cosy Places by Charme & Caractère collection, an alliance renowned for its private and independent boutique hotels, elegant guest houses, and trendy hotels.

Charme & Caractère is an alliance of hotels dedicated to offering memorable and personalized experiences. It brings together establishments that share a common philosophy: to provide a unique stay for every visitor, in line with values of charm, character, and authenticity.

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A unique and enriching experience

At Dar Tozeur Hotel, prepare to experience grand and beautiful moments. Whether you are a fan of historical or contemporary stays, classic or bohemian, this hotel offers an experience perfectly in tune with your expectations and desires. Every aspect of the hotel is designed to transform your stay into a collection of precious memories.

Commitment to satisfaction

All members of Cosy Places by Charme & Caractère are united by a common commitment to your satisfaction. Dar Tozeur Hotel is no exception. The hotel’s team works tirelessly to ensure every detail of your stay is perfect, from sumptuous rooms to exquisite cuisine, and authentic local activities.

An exceptional setting

Dar Tozeur Hotel is set in an idyllic location, offering total immersion in the culture and natural beauty of the Sahara. Whether you seek relaxation in a luxurious environment or adventure through the surrounding dunes and oases, this hotel is the ideal starting point for all your explorations.

Philosophy and values

At Dar Tozeur Hotel, each room has its own concept, philosophy, and ambiance, ensuring a unique experience with every visit. Whether you are drawn to the historical charm of the region or a chic and modern escape, the hotel tailors its services to meet all your aspirations.

A collection of memories

Staying at Dar Tozeur Hotel means entering a canvas of unusual, cultural, sporting, and shared experiences. Whether you wish to explore the treasures of Tozeur, relax in a breathtaking natural setting, or discover unique local activities, every moment spent here offers a refreshing journey.

Join the aliance of excellence

By choosing Dar Tozeur Hotel, you are choosing the finest experience. This hotel is now part of the Charme & Caractère alliance, dedicated to supporting and highlighting the craftsmanship and commitment of its members. Join us for a stay where luxury and charm meet, and where every detail is designed for your utmost delight. Be enchanted by the exceptional world of Dar Tozeur, certified by Cosy Places.

By Manon Costa