Dar Tozeur

la médina El Hawadef Tozeur 2200
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About Dar Tozeur

A little history

Dar Tozeur was born in 2008.
Ex-nihilo construction, on the site of very old residences within the medina, its architecture takes up the main principles of the constructions of Tozeur, such as the sand-colored brick walls drawing geometric patterns in relief.

Its plan, designed by a Tunisian architect, includes in its design a use as a guest house for local and international customers.

A true haven of peace, it has several interior courtyards where vegetation abounds, suites and rooms each with a unique character, two swimming pools, a spa and indoor and outdoor lounges.

Perfect harmony between refinement, comfort and authenticity, Dar Tozeur has been furnished with refined furniture, inspired by the know-how of Tunisian craftsmen and antique dealers, in order to provide our guests with an elegant and soothing atmosphere.

Its roof terrace offers a panoramic view that extends from the city to Chott el-Jérid, the largest salt lake in Tunisia, passing through the palm grove.

The city of Tozeur

Tozeur, the ochre city has 70,000 inhabitants and the oasis has no less than 400,000 date palms, which is its main asset.

An open door to the Great Sahara, its breathtaking landscapes have served as a setting for major Hollywood productions (The English Patient, Star Wars, etc.).
The activities and excursions are as many as they are varied, according to your desires: hot air balloon flight, trek, camel rides, 4×4, mountain bike …

The mild and dry climate is pleasant all year round. Summer, very hot, is suitable for the most seasoned …