Dar Tozeur

la médina El Hawadef Tozeur 2200
International Booking :
Phone: +33 6 80 59 33 69 (WhatsApp)
Local Booking :
Phone: +216 98 31 82 52

Our proposals for cold or hot starters

Tunisian salad
Tomatoes, peppers, onions, apple fruit, fresh mint, lemon zest, olives and tuna, hard-boiled egg.
Méchouia salad
Tomatoes, onions, grilled and chopped peppers after cooking, seasoning with garlic and coriander powder and olive oil.
Assortment of Tozeur salads
Set of salads according to the season.
Cesar salad
Green salad, marinated chicken, tomatoes.
Fried Calamari
Fried squid with tartar sauce.
Basket of mini bricks
Set of mini bricks with tuna, capers, minced meat, cheese.
Z’dirf soup
Tunisian soup made with semolina, capers, candied lemons, meatball.
Vegetable cream
Homemade soup with seasonal vegetables (zucchini, carrot, celery, pumpkin, potatoes).

Our proposals for main plates

Sind bade of Mediterranean delights
Sea bass fillet, red mullet fillet, octopus and squid.
Grilled prawns (kerkenese sauce)
Grilled prawns with spicy sauce (tomato, garlic, cumin, red pepper).
Grilled ribeye steak
With onions and figs.
Beef steak
Beef grilled or BBQ according to your choice (220 gr.)
Grilled fillet with spiced butter
Beef grilled or BBQ according to your choice (220 gr.)
Rosemary Lamb Chops
Fine grilled lamb chops from Tozeur.
Lamb couscous
The real Berber couscous with tender meat and seasonal vegetables.
Crispy Panko-Crusted Baked Chicken Legs
Cauliflower fritters, baked Potato
Risotto of your choice
Tomato and tuna or smoked salmon or seafood or mushrooms.

Our specialties

Tabarka delights (minimum 2 people)
Assortment of fish and seafood marinated then grilled.
Djeridian chakhchoukha (Tozeur specialty)
Festive dish consisting of crumbled pasta, drizzled with spicy red meat sauce and, depending on the season, zucchini, carrots and turnips, or potatoes.
Gargoulette lamb
Tender lamb marinated then put in the oven in a terracotta jar.
Stuffed vegetables
Nouasser (chicken or lamb)

Our proposals for dessert

Set of seasonal fruits
Pie Festival
Tozeur dates stuffed with sesame paste
Iced parfait
Your choice: dates, pistachios, dried figs.
Homemade creme caramel